Clothing Sustainability

Clothing Sustainability

Ethical fashion leaves you with a good feeling of well-being

Ethical fashion leaves you with a good feeling of well-being; Along with a more conscientious, cost effective way of shopping. We by clothes with the requirement for maintenance and longevity. When clothes are finally dispensed with, they can decompose into nature with no adverse effect.

Clothing sustainability is now a trend followed by many today, but the Hippy movement of the 70s had the same ethos. This time around, it is a necessity.

There are very many reasons for clothing sustainability; Cost effectiveness, we find ourselves paying that bit more for a garment on the onset, but if the material is organically decomposable the price is worthwhile. A good quality item can be repaired, maintained, and altered for years to come.

The cost of ownership for overall good quality garments is greatly reduced.

Clothing Sustainability, if practiced and respected by a much wider sector of society than in the 70s. People from all walks of live and ages. Clothes are being passed down from Grand-parents through to Grand-Children.

Clothing Sustainability is geographically world-wide respected as a necessity.