Winter Wardrobe

A lockdown View to Our Winter Wardrobe

This autumn we are experiencing yet another Lockdown, may be currently, not as extreme as that commenced in March earlier this year.
But, what does Lockdown mean to those of us very conscientious about our wardrobes, about our looks? Usually at the end of summer, we go through our Summer Wardrobe and close the door with a sigh, that’s it for this year. But today we have a question, when will we ever wear these items again, will they fit, will we freely walk outside our homes in the next summer season?
We move on to our Winter Wardrobes, having been looking forward to pulling on an array of sexy boots, possible having attended the catwalks of the season before to mix and match for this winter. But alas! Lockdown does not give us the chance to strut around in items of that oh so carefully planned Winter Wardrobe. Planned months prior to now, or does it?
For most of us, the Winter Wardrobe usually consist of autumnal colours, these are colours which consist of warm undertones, These are colours which bring to mind a soft sunset, they are yellows, bronzes and of course greens of all hues.
Colour trends to know for autumn 2020 as described by Glamour magazine are red from head to toe, holographic sheen general muted colours, i.e. deep greys, whites etc. Brown and Black, Lilac layers, Statement silvers and Brown and Peach. We generally have these colours in one form or another, e.g. a scarf, top, belt.
Why should we concentrate the mind on a lockdown Wardrobe, well because life goes on! In whatever shape or form. We pass our reflections in the mirror of the hallway, maybe in the mirrors of the lounge or sitting room and want to see we are still there! Then again if we experience lockdown with others, we countenance our reflections in the eyes of our fellow lockdownees surely we will want to look our best for each other. -We owe it to each other. 
We can look out best for the moment, factoring in the colours of the season. You do not need to spend on new outfits, it is what you put together from what you have.
Esteemwear will be delighted to assist you in updated you wardrobe, preventing that unnecessary trip to the store only to find that a new item does not fit comfortably and needs to be returned.